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We are a collective of women who design, build, and promote pedal power technologies in Nicaragua.

Meet the Team

We are a multicultural team that has been working on teaching mostly women how to design, build and promote pedal power technologies. 


Our services range from bike machine rental to workshops and welding classes. We have worked with a wide range of groups from NGOs to the Private Sector and Schools.  Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our services. 


Bike Machine Rental

Rent our Pedal Power Blender for your next event. It is a fun addition to any party or event. It's exciting, educational, and a great workout! 



Hands-on pedal power design and building workshop. Mainly focused on women and open to everyone. We go through the whole process of designing, building, and maintaining a pedal power machine that is right for your community. 


Welding Class

We offer workshops and classes on welding and metalwork. Learn the basics of metal welding focused on women and open to everyone. 

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